Afiq Engineering is a Jack of all trades in the Engineering world. The founder is Ahmad Afiq Farhan Bin Ahmad Firdaus acts as a Managing Director sets out a vision to serve start-ups, enterprises, corporate & government/state bodies get the best engineering services whether it is brick & mortar services or modern technology engineering. Through our engineering specialist and rapid use of low-code/no-code development we can help start-up to have their MVP up and running in no time. With our involvement in brick & mortar services we cater for government quotation to help improvise state infrastructure quality.

Afiq Engineering also provide consultation & solution for clients wanted to achieve IR 4.0 in their operations. Our Managing Director have 6 Years of experience in developing solutions for IoT ports operation, building operations & farming operations. With his experience in various industry he wanted to venture out into manufacturing, utilities & energy industry to help industry players to have a disruptive values and be the greatest amongst the best in the SEA Region.

What do we do ?

Construction Engineering

Our involvement in Civil Engineering is based at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. Our team there are mainly focused on Civil Contract released by the state bodies, schools, JKR, and other government bodies. We are exploring into electrical wiring in the foreseeable future.

App Development

Our Application Development consist of Web Application & Mobile Application. We have clients who are still on-going project with us to help them for expansion & future. We also venturing into SME Mobile Application use cases as our north star direction

Internet of Things

Our project with Internet of Things leads to sustainability, optimization & energy saving. We are specialist in this IoT domain as our Managing Director are more focus towards IoT Solutions. Current project is at an Oyster Farm in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Our north star for this vertical is AI Driven Analytics using our IoT data collection solution.


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